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London 2012

Friday, 25 November 2011

London 2012 - 1
London 2012 - Work in Progress
South Park Irrigation 2012

Waterscapes Ltd have provided irrigation to the South Park and landscaping around the main stadium.
The Olympic Park has created a green backdrop for the Games and a new green space for people and wildlife living in and around the area to enjoy.
The southern part of the Park will focus on retaining the festival atmosphere of the Games, with riverside gardens, markets, events, cafes and bars.
Around 2,000 semi-mature British-grown trees have been hand-picked to form the roots of the Park’s green spaces, which will be enjoyed by spectators and become a home for wildlife. The trees have been carefully selected to ensure they are ‘future proof’ against climate change. They are mostly native species, such as ash, alder, willow, birch, hazel, cherry, poplar, London plane and lime.
WSL has installed 16mm necklaces with push-in emitters to each tree zone which is controlled by the central irrigation controller.
Stretching for half a mile between the Aquatics Centre and Olympic Stadium will be an area of gardens that will celebrate centuries of British passion for gardens and plants. They will trace the journey of the UK’s plant collectors around the world through more than 250 species of plants, trees, meadows and herbs.
The South Park is covered by a fully automatic watering system with pop-up sprinklers to the vast areas of lawn, drip emitter tubing to shrub beds and necklaces of emitters to trees.
Each type of planting is separated into control stations with all control valves located within chambers adjacent to the planted areas.  Stations are labelled in conjunction with the as-built drawings of the system.
The control of the irrigation system is by a central controller located within the irrigation plantroom. An irrigation schedule is created on the wall mounted controller and stored within its internal memory.  Various start times and irrigation sequences can be programmed depending upon the system requirements.
When the central controller calls for a control valve to open, a signal is generated and sent through a control cable which follows the pipework from the plantroom to the landscaped garden areas.  When a decoder recognises the signal, a current is applied to the relevant solenoid control valve and the valve opens allowing water through to the lateral irrigation equipment.  (Spray head or drip equipment)
The system is constantly pressurised which entails that the irrigation supply pipework is under pressure at all times (unless drained down in the winter).  This allows any control valve to be manually / automatically operated without first having to switch on the pump.

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