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Hanover Lodge, Regents Park, London

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hanover Lodge - Sprinklers
Hanover Lodge - Sprinklers 2
Hanover Lodge - Tree Drip

Originally designed in 1827, the grade II Regency mansion - Hanover Lodge, located on the outer circle of Regents Park was fully restored and improved in a project starting in 2002 and lasting 7 years by architects, Quinlan & Francis Terry, with the build managed by Walter Lilly & Sons.
Waterscapes Limited was employed to install an automatic irrigation system to the extensive landscaped gardens.  The system uses many forms of irrigation including pop-up sprinklers and spray heads, dripline and individual drip emitters for trees.
In order to meet with the requirements of a classic formal landscape, the irrigation system had to be designed to prevent overthrow of water onto a varying soft landscape and hard landscape areas.  The design also had to overcome potential surface run-off on steep sloped sections leading to the adjacent canal.
A sophisticated central controller is at the heart of the automatic system, providing accurate and exacting water applications to suit the many differing planting types including seasonal planting.
Water is provided from two sources, a borehole underground water supply, which forms the primary source, and a secondary mains water back-up supply.  Selection of the water supplies is managed by a ‘Water Source Control Panel’ which also provides alarm signals for the building management system.

The pumping equipment installed is of a variable frequency type ensuring the exact demands of the irrigation system are met but providing this efficiently, reducing electrical wastage.

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