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Canal Walk, Swindon

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Canal Walk - Maintenance


Employed by Forward Swindon, the economic development management company, Waterscapes Limited carry out fortnightly inspections and testing of a contemporary sculptural water feature in the heart of Swindon’s retail district. 

The fountain at the junction of Canal Walk and Regent Street, forms a centre-piece for the redevelopment of the shopping quarter. 

The water feature requires regular maintenance including cleaning of the sculpture and grille, checking correct operation of pumps and top-up equipment, and the checking and correcting of water chemistry including disinfectant, pH correction and anti-foam.

In addition to the above checks, a monthly water sample is taken and sent to a testing laboratory to check for the presence of legionella bacteria.

Correct maintenance of both equipment and water quality help to prevent the risk of legionella bacteria becoming harmful, and keep the feature clean & operating efficiently.

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