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Canal Walk, Swindon

Monday, 31 October 2011

Canal Walk Water Feature 1
Canal Walk Water Feature 2
Canal Walk Water Feature 3

The Crumpled Wall water feature in Swindon is part of a £3.9m regeneration scheme to improve the city centre.

The water feature provides a focal point for the wider Canal Walk development, which is creating a vibrant and contemporary street scene to one of Swindon’s busiest shopping areas.

The stainless steel structures are fabricated from thousands of slices of laser cut stainless steel and were designed by Bristol artist Walter Jack.

The water feature consists of two crumpled water walls. One is 1m wide by 3m high, the other 3m wide by 3m high. There is a weir box at the top of each water wall so that the water evenly flows over the top and down the vertical surface of the feature.

Two feature pumps located within an underground reservoir adjacent to the water walls deliver water through two delivery pipe work sets to the weir at the top of each water wall and a return pipe work set will return the water back to the reservoir via a COPA mechanical filter.

The COPA mechanical filter is used to filter large debris such as leaves, twigs, and other rubbish that can collect in a public space. A chemical water treatment system is installed in a chamber adjacent to the COPA mechanical filter.

The feature is also fitted with a fully automatic fresh water top-up system & overflow, an electrical control panel, emergency stop button and timer control switchgear, Frost thermostat, a remote telephone shut down facility and six 100 watt lights to add to the overall effect of the water feature.

Images courtesy of Walter Jack Studio

Project Developers: Forward Swindon.

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