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Cabot Circus

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Cabot Circus 1
Cabot Circus 2
Cabot Circus 3

Cabot Circus is Bristol’s largest redevelopment programme since the war, situated in the heart of the Broadmead shopping district.  The £500m retail complex has 120 shops including flagship stores and leisure space.
At the heart of the development is a spectacular glass roof over a central courtyard with over 25 restaurants and a 13-screen Cinema de Lux.
As part of the landscape design, a series of trees have been planted in both open and glazed areas.  The nature of the planted environment meant that each tree would need to be monitored and controlled separately to prevent under or over-watering.
Each individual tree pit has a low-flow solenoid control valve and filter operated by a central decoder based control system.  In addition, each decoder is linked to a moisture sensor within the tree pit to monitor the level of moisture present.
The control system works preset parameters to maintain a particular level of moisture within each tree pit.  Water used within the irrigation system is derived from the complex’s rain water recycling system.

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