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Burghley House - Garden of Surprises

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Burghley House - Interactive Water Feature
Burghley House - Interactive Play Feature
Burghley House - Interactive Fountain Feature

Built in 1587, Burghley House is a prime example of a Tudor mansion set within a 10,000 acre agricultural estate.  Lady Victoria Leatham, a direct descendant of the late Lord Burghley and who until May 2007 lived in the main house, has been heavily involved in the restoration and extension of the sculpture garden within the grounds of Burghley.
As part of this restoration and based upon original ideas taken from the diarists of the first Lord Burghley, the Garden of Surprises was created.  Hidden within a Yew hedge, an area that will involve and delight the senses has been created with pools, sprays of water, sculptures, mazes and a grotto.
A variety of water features have been created within the garden, all controlled from a central location to assist with management and long-term maintenance.
The Walkway fountains and ‘Grilles D’Eau’ feature comprise of a series of display nozzles set within below ground reservoirs and covered with stainless steel grilles.
Two interactive rising ball features allow children to manually pump water to lift a stainless steel ball within a clear glass tube.
Within the Children’s Play Area a dry plaza style feature comprising of 15 jets set within a paved area, allow wet play amongst the jets of water.  Nozzles are hidden within specially manufactured niches with covers.
Bubble Pools allow further interaction from visitors with pressure pads creating air pockets within grate covered pools.  When the pad is depressed a large ‘blupe’ of air is emitted within the pool.
The Canal feature takes its style from the original Burghley gardens and forms a large pool of water with several bubbling fountain jets.
The Moss House is a secret grotto with misting systems to create a damp, mysterious environment.
As the visitors leave the Garden of Surprises they have to negotiate the Exit Water Curtain.  A wall of water blocks the gateway exit from the garden but is controlled by proximity sensors to break the water curtain when people approach.
All of the water features within the garden are served from central plantroom and below ground water tank.  The plantroom comprises of circulation pumps, ‘Sac’ filtration, water treatment system including sand filtration and chemical dosing, water conditioners and automatic water top-up.  All electrical controls are managed by a central PLC & DMX control system.

Each of the features within the Garden of Surprises is controlled and monitored individually to allow sequence adjustment and seasonal variations.

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